Commercial Estate Agency

Sales and lettings are central to our business, keeping our finger on the pulse of the market. We have vast experience marketing a range of commercial properties including office, retail and industrial together with businesses including licensed, leisure, hospitality, retail and other businesses. We will guide clients through the vagaries of commercial deals whether disposing or acquiring property and will list details of properties and businesses on a range of website portals as well as our own website.

Formal Valuations

Our Chartered Surveyor has many year’s experience of valuing a whole range of property types and we can undertake RICS Valuation Standard reports for clients for various purposes including probate, partnership, company, pension, matrimonial, acquisitions, tax, accounting, rental, expert witness, insurance re-instatement etc.

Business Rates

Business rates are a major expense for many businesses but are you paying too much? Rates payable are calculated by multiplying the rateable value of a property with the rate in the pound with a variety of discounts and allowances then applied. Individual rating valuations are available to view at

All property is revalued every few years and the latest national re-valuation came into effect in April 2017.  A rateable value may be inaccurate for a number of reasons and there are several grounds for a challenge. We can analyse assessments, advise on the best way forward and submit a check and challenge on behalf of clients.

Rent Reviews & Lease Renewals

Commercial propery is held as an investment by many organisations and individuals with business tenants taking a lease and paying rent. Commercial leases often have provision for the rent to be reviewed every few years. When a commercial lease expires a statutory framework applies for terms for a renewal of the lease including the rent.

For lease renewals and rent reviews it is very important to serve and respond to notices in the appropriate manner and within any time limits. We have many year’s experience dealing with procedures on rent reviews and lease renewals in commercial leases including rental values, service of notices, tactics and negotiations for both landlords and tenants.

Rent Collection & Management

We offer a comprehensive and professional rent collection and property management service to landlords to take the strain out of the ownership of commercial property investments.

Floor Plans

We can produce illustrative not to scale floor plans of most types of property for marketing or other purposes.

Other Services

We can also provide advice in respect of compulsory purchase compensation, property investment, and other valuation-related matters as well as acting as expert witnesses in dispute resolution. We collaborate with other property professionals in relation to planning, building surveying and architectural services.

Fees and Costs

Please contact us for a free initial consultation and fee quote.


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